A Fresh Start

Johanlw99 Manager posted Mar 20, 19

Welcome everyone to our new website, here on Enjin! We are happy to announce that we will be going through some changes in the comming week and months. This includes chages within the staff team, aswell as changes on the server. 

With these changes we hope to bring Boosted back to its original form and maybe even grow bigger! Currently we are working on OP Prison and to maintian both Skyblock and Survival

On this new website you can find the catogories that you guys are used to see from our old forums, with some tweaks here and there. We hope that this website will be better and more fun to use then our old one.

But keep in mind, at this moment the website is not yet fully completed. So if there is anything you'd like to see changed then feel free to let me know on our discord! http://discord.gg/NwJB3WF or pm lo_cl#0520 on discord.

With kind regard,

~ Johanlw99