BoostedNetwork Server Rules

Global Rules
  • Racism
  • Excessive Caps
  • Character Spam
  • Message Spam
  • Spamming Chat
  • Begging for items
  • Player / Staff Disrespect
  • Sexual References
  • LGBT / Illness Jokes
  • Swearing (towards players) / Excessive Swearing
  • Suicide Encouragement / Talk
  • Death Threats
  • Links / Light Advertising
  • Advertising
  • Abusing Glitches
  • Hacking
  • Disallowed mods
  • Mute/Ban evading
  • Blackmailing staff
  • Causing Server Lag
  • Doxing / Dossing / Botting
  • Inappropriate Nickname
  • Chargeback

Skyblock & Survival
  • Scamming / Griefing / Stealing
  • TP traps / To Warzone

Global Rules

Any use of racial or ethnic slurs.

Excessive Caps
Using 6 or more capitals in a message.

Character Spam
Flooding your messages with useless characters.

Message Spam
Spamming in /msg.

Spamming Chat
Spamming the chat with 3 or more of the same messages.

Begging for items
Begging staff or players for items.

Player / Staff Disrespect
Provoking a player with the intent to be a nuisance to them.
Behaving abusively towards a staff member in their capacity as staff.

Sexual References
Using these is not allowed.

LGBT / Illness Jokes
Jokingly talking about this subject is not allowed.

Swearing (towards players) / Excessive Swearing
You can swear to an extent. But we do not allow you to cuss at someone or to swear a lot in chat.

Suicide Encouragement / Talk
Any form of chat or behavior that encourages suicidal tendencies in people. Also any chat about IRL suicides.

Death Threats
Any form of threatening someone's life out of the game.​

Links / Light Advertising
Putting unrelated links in the chat or names of other servers.

Advertising of other (discord) servers.

Abusing Glitches
Not reporting a glitch and using it to your own advantage.

Using a hacked client, using mods which add hacked client features.
Note: Both autoclicking and butterfly clicking are considered cheating and bannable.

Disallowed mods
Use of any mod that we do not allow on the server / is not on the allowed mod list.

Mute/Ban evading
Bypassing your mute with in-game methods. Or bypassing your mute / ban with alt accounts.

Blackmailing staff
Trying to get staff to lower a mute/ban with the promise of in-game money/items or real-world money, threatening to hack staff if they mute/ban them or do not remove the current mute/ban, threatening to get staff demoted if they do not remove a mute/ban.

Causing Server Lag
Building or doing something that is either intended or known to cause lag.

Doxing / Dossing / Botting
Threatening to DoX / DDoS or to Bot someone or something. Or admitting to doing it.

Inappropriate Nickname
Changing your displayname do something inappropriate.
Note: Breaking this rule could lead to removal of your nickname permissions.

Attempting to get a refund for a purchase made with the server.​

Skyblock & Survival

Scamming / Griefing / Stealing
[scamming] Creating a trade with another player and not holding up your end of the trade. Cross server scamming isn't allowed.​
[griefing / stealing] Purposely destructing or constructing things or intentionally taking items that are not yours.
[Building] On Survival, do not build within 300 blocks of someone's claim.

TP traps / To Warzone
Teleporting an un-aware player to a location where they will die.