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Crit1caL's Staff Application

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Minecraft Username: Crit1caL
Discord Username: Critical#8348
Age: 17
Country: Canada
Time zone: (CST)
Which server do you play the most?: Boosted Network

How long have you been playing on BoostedNetwork?: I have been playing boosted network ever since I came out and i do not know how long that has been maybe 1-3 years.
What is your favourite thing about this server?: The community is very good, I like the features and all the things the server gives in the game modes like Skyblock etc.

For how long could you be online per week?: I can be online almost everyday i'm on mostly on weekends then come on after 3:10pm my time then play for a while. I can also come on for someone that messages me about something they need or if they want me to message one of the other higher up staff members that can help them more than I could.

Why should we choose you?: Because I'am very good with working with people and like to help people a lot I feel that I fit this role. Also always have my phone on me and if someone messages me that someone is spamming or saying racial slurs I can either warn them or if I have perms to mute which I do not know I can mute them.

Do you have experience as staff? If so, where were you staff and what was your task? (Please name the most relevant servers): I was staff on a server that Herbi, Jack, and Volcano came from and other people that still play on boosted, I was a helper on this server.(I don't know if I should mention the server name so I'm not going to). I also made my own server people liked it and was going really good their were no bad people/people that were ruining the economy because i was their to help. That is about all for what i have been for staff on server's.

Have you ever been banned, muted or kicked on BoostedNetwork? (If so, then why?): I have been muted, I forget why i was muted. I have also been banned and bought an unban, for kill aura..... :/ not proud of it I thought it was a good idea to use it to grind and it wasn't I was ashamed but I got ride of my client and I'm here to help get rid of those people that I once was and also help people.

Have you made any other Staff Applications on Boosted, Glacial or Cascade? If so, why was it denied or were you demoted?: I think i applied once for boosted and got lot's of good feedback and stuff saying people wanted me to be helper but then got denied because the server already had lot's of staff on the team and i hope this isn't going to be the case again b/c I feel I could really help out and save lot's of other staff members time if they can't get on.

Is there anything else we should know?: If i can't handle anything say a hacker I will immediately message a different staff member that can deal with the situation per say ban them.

As helper you will have the following tasks
» Report issues to Admins or higher:
» Answer players questions, if you know the answer.
» Resolve arguments in a peaceful fashion.
» Interact with players, make sure they are all having a good time.
» Monitor the chat.
» Be active on Discord
» Forward ban appeals to the Sr Mods.
I AM WILLING TO DO THE FOLLOWING, I WON"T LET YOU GUYS DOWN - Luv Crit, if you read all of my application to become staff on this wonderful server thank you and please give me feedback to this I will need all the support as I really want to be apart of this server more! And if you are new and a member reading this join Boosted Network at - Mc.BoostedNetwork.Org
Posted Mar 26, 19 · OP
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I have not seen you on at all due to our time zone however, when I do rarely see you on it appears that you do stuff and get tasks done and also seek to find something to do. +1
Posted Apr 6, 19
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True our timezones are very different, thanks for the first reply lol I will try to be on later at night when all you guys are on if I'm not tired and such.
Posted Apr 6, 19 · OP